Mas suggested we invite ourselves over to the Chernestkies.
I didn't pay much mind first, seeing he was still high from the concert. But then he brought it up again. I tried to turn it into a joke, but I may have hurt his feelings. Well, I'm not good at fast thinking! I can't dodge bullets or anything. Also, this is not the first time Mas throws something like that at me while under the influence of alcohol or good music. It was easy the first time because his claim was so out of this world, it was utterly unthinkable and as such easy to dismiss. But going to friends together is not that far-fetched, people do it all the time.

Ok, don't panic. He said he was willing to take Oleg as a chaperone. Yeah right, like Oleg doesn't have a company to run or a large family to spend time with. What is Mas gonna say, "Hey, Oleg, I want to take this piece over to the Chernetskies, and she's being a complete arse and asking for a chaperone, so are you free?"

Take. A. Breether. It's just hit me anawares, is all. It'll go away as the new week starts. Mas never brought up the unthinkable thing again, and he most likely won't bring this up either. God I hate this double life sometimes. Why can't I just not hide myself from the world? Why can't I say proudly, this is what I am, if you don't like it, you can just shove it! Why do I always second-guess how things are gonna look, what people will think, how they'll judge me if I don't fit in their stupid boxes?