Fifteen years ago, boyfriends were a big deal. She'd bring one up in every conversation, a boyfriend was important. My boyfriend this and my boyfriend that, we did this and we did that. Boyfriends mattered.
Now we're thirty four. And she might not even mention if she's got a new boyfriend. Maybe it's because she know I'm not seeing anyone and doesn't want to rub it in my face. But most likely, it's because neither of us gives a tiny rat's ass. We talk for an hour and like 58 minutes in, she casually mentions that she'll be staying at a boyfriend's when she first arrives, until she sorts out a place. Exactly, "a" boyfriend's, not the boyfriend's. A man is no longer the coolest thing to happen to us. Fifteen years ago, its was like, "Oooh, it's so cool to have a boyfriend, life has meaning when you have a boyfriend." Today, it's like "He's not a complete tosser, so thanks for that. He's eh, whatever."