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My gay friends seem a bit baffled that I'm ok with the whole going to hell idea. They seem uncomfortable with the fact that I'm going to hell and not raising a stink about it.
What I don't get is why should I not be ok with it? Because they don't like it? Well, they're free to go on any crusade they please, I'm staying put.

For starters, I don't exactly believe in God, so why should I argue with those who do? I mean, they have faith and I don't, so they should know better, right?
Then assuming I accept the idea of afterlife as stipulated by the Bible, the scriptures are very unambiguous. I shall not inherit the kingdom of God. I know that the Bible allows for different interpretations regarding LGBT, race, women's inequality etc, but it is very clear about me. I shall go to hell after I die. So why should I not be ok with it? I know what I am, I know what the Bible says about my kind.
If some believers want to send me to hell after I die, if they are so hungry for power that they want to take that sort of authority from God, if it makes them happy to throw people in hell, who am I to deny them? God certainly doesn't need me to stand up for his exclusive rights to rule people's fates. I certainly won't be any worse if people have dreams of sending me to hell, why should I not go?

To sum up, I'm ok with the idea of going to hell. If people get upset about it, it's not really my problem. As long as they can tell the difference between this life and afterlife, we can all get along just fine.

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С 2004 года им выносят решения, что это не конституционно. Бараны...



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